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Hummmmmm, I’ve just eaten my school lunch and want so badly to get rid of it. I just want to throw up. I really think that some of my friends are reading this journal and I don’t want them to. At the moment in order to stop people reading what I am writing I am typing this in word in size 6 font!! Therefore if there are a load of mistakes that I make its because I can’t see what I am writing. I am determined to lose weight which is silly thanks to the way that my mind works but I still want to do it, and to be honest I don’t care whether I do it in a healthy or an unhealthy way.

I am so so paranoid at the moment, two of my friends are sitting at the computer next to me and whispering to each other, this makes no change as they always talk to each other quietly and pretty much ignore me but I can’t help thinking that they are talking to me.

I am so alone at the moment, the only person that I feel comfortable talking to is Ash and that can’t be a good thing. What if anything happens between us, I’ll not only lose my boyfriend but also my best friend, my only friend.

I’d better go now, things to do people to see (actually no people to see, who would want to see me?)


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