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Too much has happened. Yesterday at work I got in trouble. As a result I got Ash in trouble. It was his fault but still, I shouldn't have said it was him. At the time though I just didn't know if I was going to have a job at the end of it and I didn't know what to do. As it happened I didn't get in serious trouble but just a bit of trouble and I believe that he will also just get in a bit of trouble (I hope). I managed to burst into tears in front of the manager and then once I had started I just couldn't stop. I was crying upstairs in the training room where they were talking to me, then I had my break and phoned Ash and was crying first in the canteen, then in the toilets. Then at the end of my break I went back to the department and couldn't stop crying. I wasn't even that bothered about the fact I was in trouble, it was more I had been stupid and secondly the thing I was most bothered about was the fact that I had got Ash in trouble.

On top of that I've got a urine infection. They are so so horrible and I believe that it is stress related as I got one during my exams and then it has come back twice since, once whilst doing my bio coursework (but it was only very mild for a day or so) and now whilst the coursework deadline is looming and my Psychology is due in. I'm sitting here in pain, sort of wanting to go to the toilet but I know that if I do go then it'll just burn.

I think I'll have to go to the drs, and get a proper dose of anti-biotics and take them as I'm told to (I sort of didn't do that before).

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